Taylor-made trainings

We impart basic understanding as well as essential soft skills for your professional success.


We provide all the training and virtually at your site to.


With a group size of 3 to 12 participants, we cater to individual needs and corporate cultural.


Recruiting & Interviewing

Your company is about to enter a growth phase - or is in the middle of it. You only want to get the best people on board and ask yourself: How can we identify and attract top performers? How do we get meaningful information about applicants so that we can make an informed decision?

from € 800

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Customer-oriented Communication

Successful communication with customers is the basis of your economic success. We support you in making your customer communication your company's calling card.

from € 800

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Basics, Data, Modeling

We answer your questions in three parts of the training: How do I work with Excel, how do I structure tables and functions when do I use them? How can I optimize data cleaning, preparation and display? How do I structure a model, how do I do sensitivity analyzes, and how can I use macros and VBA?

from € 800


Give and Take Feedback

We give you and your employees the tools for a professional feedback process and lay the foundation for a constructive feedback culture.

from € 800

Powerpoint Training.png


Basics & Storylining

In two training parts you will experience the answer to: How do I build a page, how do I use it faster, and with the help of which style guides does my slide look good? How do I write a convincing and traveling storyline?

from € 800


Leadership Program

Finding, developing and communicating your own leadership style for the corresponding corporate culture and team is a constant challenge. We support you and your management team with a long-term program tailored to you.

Price on request

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Work and self-organization

How do I structure and prioritize my day? How do I communicate and set deadlines in order to bring about quick decisions? We support you in professionalizing your way of working.

from € 800

Training- Presenting in front of audienc

Presenting in Front of Audience

You want to convey your message confidently and confidently. We optimize your presentation techniques. You will learn methods of preparing and delivering effective presentations and rhetoric.

from € 800