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Why us

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About us

Edl Consulting offers start-ups and scale-ups

  • personnel consulting,

  • HR interim management,

  • recruiting support and

  • training & coaching

Our operational and conceptual support covers the entire HR value chain: employer branding, recruiting, training & development, feedback and leadership culture, support for transformations, and much more.

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Your journey


Would you like to get to know us and find out whether we are a match?

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Our recruiting process is about getting to know each other. We share our work attitudes, working styles, experiences, motivators and expectations. The process duration depends on your availability and, based on experience, it takes approx. 3-14 days. We differentiate whether you are applying as freelancer or for a permanent position:




Video call

You select and book via Calendly an appointment that suits you! We introduce ourselves and answer your questions.


Case study

Get to know the work at Edl Consulting based on real tasks from our customers.


Feedback call

We discuss your case study and give each other feedback. We get a feeling for working together. 


Meet the team

Would you like to become part of our team and we also believe that it is a match? You get to know other colleagues.

Let's go!

We are ready to decide and hope you are too. You will receive a contract offer and we will clarify further open questions together.


Video call

You select and book via Calendly an appointment that suits you! We introduce ourselves and answer your questions.



We will note your focus areas and expertise in our freelancer database and look forward to your first project with you.

Let's go!

As soon as we receive a suitable customer request, we will contact you. If the project sounds exciting to you, we will introduce you to the customer. After the framework agreement and project contract: Let's start the project!


Why us

Are you wondering what differentiates us from other companies?

Probably not too much. You will work on the computer, handle with video calls and emails as well as tackle various challenges together with a diverse team. 

And yet, we believe that we offer a somewhat different working environment: a modern and motivating environment for those who like to work flexibly and from any destination, are looking for varied activities, take on responsibility quickly, work hands-on and analytically, and are looking for leadership as coaching at eye level.  


These are the reasons for our employees to work at Edl Consulting:

Remote only & flexible working hours
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"It was important for me to be able to work independently on my tasks right from the start and to be able to organize my working hours flexibly."

- Diana

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“I really like working here because, despite fixed working days, you can be very flexible about what you do and when. Remote work also makes it easy to plan a small trip to visit family or friends. This means I can be much more productive because time management works very well here.”

- Hanna

Alicia Napoli Dominguez_edited.jpg

"I've been looking for a job which can be done perfectly from remote and allows me flexible working hours.”

- Alicia

​This is how we describe the work with us:

  • Freedom and flexibility go hand in hand! We work remote only and create magical opportunities through the free allocation of our work locations and working hours.

  • Insights into a special customer landscape! We are involved in important and diverse projects and tailor-made solutions for start ups and scale ups.

  • Real cohesion and feel-good team! Authenticity, belonging and helpfulness are lived and loved by us.

  • Unique team drive! Our trusting and motivating cooperation inspires us to a high standard of performance and mutual success. 

  • Another word for steep learning curve: Edl Consulting!

How do we work?

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We are the outsourced HR department for small and high-growth companies that share our mission to create a motivating, modern work environment for talents.


We are the one-stop HR support and offer operational and strategic support along the entire HR life cycle. Our customers usually have between 10 and 500 employees and mainly are  from the Tech B2B environment.


We present our support along three pillars:

  1. Recruiting

    • Organizational development, organigram and hiring plan

    • Job description, sourcing strategy, applicant management, interview

    • Active sourcing

  2. Processes & Structures

    • ​​ HR analysis, tool implementation

    • Employer branding strategies

    • On-/offboarding processes

    • Leadership concepts, performance, development & feedback dialogue

    • Company culture and retention measures, employee surveys HR analytics

    • Employment law support, contracts and policies

  3. Coaching & Training

    • ​​ Coaching of employees, managers and (professional and founder) teams

    • Training, including Interview & Hiring Manager Training, Feedback & Appraisal Training, Leadership Development Program ​

We work in interdisciplinary project teams consisting of employees and freelancers to deliver the best skills and relevant experiences to our clients as quickly as possible. The project manager is the contact person for the customer and coordinates and leads our project team technically.

We work 100% remotely: we are closely connected to the project team and the customers via email, chat, video call and cloud software.  

Sounds modern and somehow cool and exciting? Then we look forward to getting to know you!

Our working principles

...are the basis for our trusting teamwork, open and proactive communication, real added value and inspiring results for the customer - in short: part of our secret sauce. We want to preserve these and thus share them with new team members at an early stage. Do you share our way of working and thinking?



We do the right thing efficiently - with a plan and a goal in mind. We work intensively, quickly and act to achieve sustainable and inspiring results for our customers and ourselves.


We share all relevant information and communicate the background to our decisions. Mutual trust in connection with open and honest communication is a matter of course for us. We actively listen, seek to understand each other's perspectives and communicate proactively to work together effectively. 



We focus on solutions instead of circling around the problem. We get things done and prefer action over long-winded, endless discussions. We think like entrepreneurs, get others on board and take responsibility. 



We challenge the status quo and take initiative to constantly improve and accept feedback. We act consciously and are not afraid to make mistakes in order to learn from them.


Our team

... shares common values

What unites us and allows us to remain successful together are - to a large extent - our common values. We want to be open and transparent with you: As part of our team, we will evaluate you and offer you feedback. We are consistent in going our separate ways if you repeatedly fail to come to terms with these values...for the sake of the team and our customers.


We share a common goal: to bring together great talents in a motivating and appreciative environment. Each of us is an important part of the team. We value ideas, not hierarchies. Every question deserves to be heard, every opinion deserves to be included in our decisions.


We set ourselves ambitious goals that define the WHAT and enable us to find out the HOW. We act like founders and in the best interest of our customers. We never say "that's not my job", but offer a solution.



we  to attempt  to understand our customers and their prospects in order to make them successful. Our flexibility and adaptability enables us to change course at any time and adapt to our needs and those of our customers.



....has fun together

Working remote-only has its challenges. We found our way and meet during breaks, for coffee and lunch, to exercise and relax, meet in customer offices or work physically together during our annual Offsite Working Week!

Team check-in


Our virtual team check-ins offer the opportunity to exchange ideas on a personal and professional level once a week:

  1. Personal update: How are you currently doing professionally and/or privately and why? What was your personal highlight from the last working week? 

  2. Customer update: How are customer projects going? What new project requests came in? 

  3. Other internal topics: We share ideas and best practices. We discuss and decide together on topics that affect us all.

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Team Check-In.png
Team Check-In.png

We are:


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We can write a lot
...and that sounds too good to be true?
Then maybe applicants and employees will convince you


...or what our customers say about us?

Curious? Contact us directly and get to know us personally. We look forward to meeting you!